10 Unpopular Profitable Skills To Make Money Online

A lot of persons get bothered about what skill to learn. Most times, people rush into a skill because of the monetary benefits attached. Some other persons might choose to develop a skill as a result of their talent, their passion, or because of a person practising such skill.

However way you choose to develop a skill, you must understand that skills are the living bone in this 21st century. As the economy gets harder by the day, your daily income also gets meagre. The skill you learn today could be what will feed you for life.

Therefore, it is very important you pick interest in skill you can learn for free, hone it and monetize it. Below is a list of some money-dripping skill that is useful in this present time:

10 Unpopular Profitable Skills To Make Money Online


A lot of persons are out there in the digital space benefitting from the position of being an online tutor. They are amassing wealth through the most underrated means: SOCIAL MEDIA. On Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and Instagram, persons have pulled in millions. My largest source of income came in through Social Media.

So while others see these platforms as a place to display recent pictures and irrelevant videos, the money-inclined ones keep milking out millions.

It is very easy to start. If you want to go into this, you just need an Android phone, data and an edge cutting knowledge above your peers. You also need a good mentor and you will join the league of “online billionaires”.


For you to make money, you need to sell something. The only way to sell is to market and advertise your products to your prospects. A lot of persons end up having bad/ low sales at the end of the day because of wrong marketing ethics.

Copywriting is a skill for every marketer. With copywriting, you can make triple the sales you’ve been making before, teach you how to pull in massive sales and also how to tackle customers that keep procrastinating.

You do not need to meet the buyers face-to-face. The internet has made it so easy.

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Daily, programmes and events keep increasing by the day. Birthday celebrations keep coming up, wedding ceremonies, product advertisers, church programmes, campaigns- all these require a graphic designer to bring these events to reality.

Virtually everyone around you needs a graphics designer. When you can locate a good audience, you will rule your world.

Even though UI/UX designers differ from graphics designers, they are similar in their creative abilities. This other set of designers work hand-in-hand with programmers, web developers and app developers by creating a prototype of what these developers should work with.


A lot of firms, companies and organizations are on the search for data analysts. For instance, since they have lots of customers, they hire data analysts to discover how much their customers view their services.

You could also study the reason behind the growth of a firm and present the data you’ve collected. This increases your chance of becoming employable.

Data analysis works with Machine Learning.

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Anything connected online is vulnerable and open to hackers and scammers. This particular skill comes in to check for loopholes in a digital system and look for ways to prevent hackers from coming in.

The whole world presently has a lot of things online. With the increasing rate of hackers, Cyber Security & Data Protection can be banked upon to pull in good cash.

6. PROGRAMMING-10 Unpopular Profitable Skills To Make Money Online

In this age where everything goes digital, programming stands out as a lucrative skill amongst many. It Is all about building systems and creating a digital system using lines of codes.

For example, an ATM machine is a product of programming. A programmer is responsible for writing the instructions digital machines use.

Some examples of programming languages are JAVA, C++, Angular.


With the high rate of lazy readers our society keeps producing these days, being an audiobook creator will be highly lucrative. People just want to make things easier for themselves. You could help them make things easier with a fee.

Being a voice-over artist is not also a bad idea. With skills, you are in charge of your time and your price.


Real Estate is a perfect investment. It includes buying of lands(an asset that never dies), properties(like houses, rental shops, etc.)

You could come in as a real estate agent and help sell people’s properties for a price. You could come in also as a real estate manager and help other people manage their estates. E.g Airbnb


Content development includes writing articles, write-ups or content that tell people more about your business. You need to learn the craft of writing what people want to hear at a particular time and at a particular place so you can grab their attention.

With the right content strategy, it will be easy for your customers to bring out money to buy your products.

Every business owner needs to master the art of content development so you can position yourself as a trustworthy business owner in this online world.

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It is this skill that makes the videos you watch every day a reality. A lot of businesses use videos to advertise their products. When you step in, you get paid for it.

You could cover an event: wedding ceremony, birthday celebrations, funerals, and a lot more. Video coverage is fast becoming a widespread norm in every event.

People who work in the video industry get huge payments for every event they cover. YouTubers also hire video producers.

You could also go into editing and work as a video editor. All these bring in money without stress- doing what you love.

CONCLUSION-10 Unpopular Profitable Skills To Make Money Online

It is quite unfortunate that a lot of youths still roam about the streets complaining of hardship. The online world has created a platform where you can easily make money from the comfort of your home.

With the right information, tutor and mentor, you will become your own boss in one year or less. Just learn a skill, get the right audience and position yourself online as a guru. You’re good to go!

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